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Name: Xyloketal, derivate 30 (edit)

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TreatmentXyloketal, derivate 30physiological functionTranscriptomeProteomeMetabolomeTargetReferenceblinded
CID (PubChem)chEMBLheat stress resistance
ConcentrationExposure timeFoodGrowth mediumSpecial additivesC. elegans strainTemperatureChange compared to controlPercentual change compared to controlp < 0.05notes
100 µMwhole life; start: L1OP50NGM agarN2 (wild type)20°CupyesA1; stressor: 37°C; endpoint: survivalZhou, J. B., Zheng, Y. L., Zeng, Y. X., Wang, J. W., Pei, Z., & Pang, J. Y. (2018). Marine derived xyloketal derivatives exhibit anti-stress and anti-ageing effects through HSF pathway in Caenorhabditis elegans. European journal of medicinal chemistry, 148, 63-72.